By: Nancy Hastings

What drives your motivation to get up in the wee hours of the morning to train? Or, to leave work, munching on a snack while driving to your triathlon workout?

Think for a moment about the joy when out for that run and all the glorious sights… the sunrise, the peace of just your footsteps hitting the ground, a fresh snow fall.

Or, your track workout after work and the sound of kids laughing as they play their sport in the middle of the field.

Each day your goals are set as a to-do item in your calendar. Yes, there are times you feel the tug of your heart strings as you leave with kids crying and begging you not to go. The kids are eager to be involved in what you are doing. To ride their bike beside you, stand at the sidelines as cheer squad or wait anxiously for you to book your next “destination” race knowing they too will be exploring some new cities. This impact you make on your children and together living this healthy lifestyle transfers to their adulthood.

As your friends and family watch you train and listen to the race results, their interest is piqued.
Not me… I could never do that, it is too hard… I don’t have the time, are just some of the reasons.
We all started from some point. We all have a journey.

Share your journey and know that each day you are inspiring and motivating.
You are making a positive difference in your kids, your family and everyone’s life.

Happy Training