April 22, 2018/SCARBOROUGH

Indoor Triathlon Provincial Championships – Series Finale


Indoor Triathlon Provincial Championships – Series Finale


Though this is a Provincial Championship Series, races are open to everyone. In fact, beginners are especially welcome!  The unique indoor format makes these races fun for everyone.

Indoor Triathlon

Indoor triathlons are a great way to try the sport of triathlon in a safe, fun, welcoming way. The swim is in a pool, the bike portion is on a stationary bike and the run is on an indoor track. Indoor tris are also inexpensive – all you need to race is a swimsuit, goggles, t-shirt and running shoes.

The indoor race format is simple: swim as many laps as possible in 15 minutes, ride as many kilometres as possible in 15 minutes, and run as many laps around the track as possible in 15 minutes. The farther you go, the more points you score.

Participants have the option to choose their start time, subject to availability. Registration is open to anyone 10 years of age and up, and every athlete receives a complimentary Triathlon Ontario water bottle and swim cap.


Series Finale

The series finale is being held on May 4th at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, 



Parking & Directions

The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre located at 875 Morningside Ave, Toronto, ON M1C 0C7, just south of the 401. Parking is available on both sides of the building for free for 2 hours or $3 for all day. More info: tpasc.ca/facility/location



If you would like to volunteer for a couple of hours we always need lap counters and cheering support crew and would love to have you.

Volunteers can register using the same link as for the race itself – go through the same process, but choose “volunteer” at the membership step.


Race Format

The race consists of a 15-minute lap swim, a 15-minute stationary bike, and a 15-minute track run.


Check In

When entering the building head towards the south end, near the Tim Horton’s and front desk. There will be a check in table where you will receive your complimentary water bottle and swim cap. You can then head down stairs to the change rooms and then on deck.

There will be plenty of water available but if you require food, snacks or other nutrition, please make your own arrangements.


Swim Format

The swim is located in the dive tank end of the pool. There will be a maximum of two swimmers per lane. Swim caps are not required to be worn for this event.

A lap counter that will record the number of laps for the 15 minutes.

Once finished, athletes will have a 10-minute transition time to get out of the water, towel off, put on shoes and cycling/running clothing and follow a volunteer that will take them up to the spin studio. Please stay together to ensure no one gets lost or is late.


Bike Format

Getting yourself on a spin bike and getting the proper set up is included in the 10-minute transition time from the pool. The starter will start on time so please be quick and efficient. The spin bikes do have SPD clips so if you have that type of cycling shoe, you are more than welcome to use them.

Points will be awarded based on the distance traveled in 15 minutes. You may set the tension of the spin bike to whatever you feel most comfortable. There is no calibration or adjustments being taking into consideration so adjust the tension to whatever level will allow you to maintain the highest cadence.

Once the timer says stop, please stop pedaling as best you can in a safe manner. Once time is up, a volunteer will record your distance traveled.

You will then have a 5-minute transition time to move from the spin studio to the run track.


Run Format

The run takes place on the indoor track. There will be a maximum of 16 people in a heat.

The first lap or two of the run portion might be a little crowded but it will spread out. Please keep on the inside lane and pass on the outside.

You will be provided a coloured wristband to assist the assigned volunteer counting your laps.



We ask that athletes who are doing the bike portion wait on the pool deck during the swim and move to the spin studio with their heat, for athletes doing the run portion please wait in the spin studio and move to the track with the heat. This will keep the heats organized and together.



Swim – score 10 points per 25 metres, 5 points for a half length, at the discretion of the lap counter.

Bike – score 50 points per km.

Run – score 25 points per 200m lap, 13 points awarded for a half lap, at the discretion of the lap counter.


Categories & Prizes

The categories for the event will be U19 (19 and under), 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+, Relays.

There will be a prize for each gender in each age group plus a prize for the overall winner. Only the overall winner (male and female) will be officially recognized as Provincial Champions in the Series and a more formal award will be presented at the year end awards banquet.

The prizes will be handed out at the end of the day in the front foyer.




DATES & Time

April 22, 2018

This event is a verified and
sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario