September 5, 2020/Welland

Draft Legal Provincial Championships


Draft Legal Provincial Championships


September 5, 2020
International Flatwater Centre, Welland, Ontario

Welcome to the closest experience to ITU racing in Ontario.  Have you ever wanted to feel what its like to race as a professional triathlon at the highest ITU level? While we can’t help you be as fast as a pro we can offer you the next best thing, the pro experience.  Whether your a development athlete, elite or Age Grouper, our Draft Legal Provincial Championships is the closest thing to an ITU Elite race experience as anyone can get to in Ontario.

All participants must be Triathlon Ontario members (or members of their home PGB if not an Ontario resident) at the time of the race.  All participants, with the exception of those registered in the Age Group division, must be draft legal certified by Triathlon Ontario (or by their home PGB if not an Ontario resident). Athletes from other Provinces/countries are welcome but will not be eligible for the Provincial Champion title or Cup Series standings.

Team Competition

Triathlon Ontario will be including a team component to the Age Group draft legal race.  A team will be made up of four people (of the same gender). Team members need not be part of a club to participate.  During the online registration process, members will need to list the team name – this will allow us to know who comprises your team.

The top three of four times from each team will be added together and this aggregated number will be the total team time.  Each individual’s time still count towards individual placings in the Provincial Championship.  Team draft legal racing is popular in Europe and Triathlon Ontario wants to offer this exciting format to Age Groupers.  It creates a race within a race and team members are encouraged to work together.  Someone can play a “domestique” role and teams can employ different strategies to play to each other’s strengths.


Registration closes on Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 @ 6pm EST.





DATES & Time

September 5, 2020

All Day

This event is a verified and
sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario